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Wasp control in Spanish Fork


Stinging insects are well-known in Utah, especially during those hot summer months. If you're already receiving routine pest control maintenance from your LOCAL Bug Guy, that means we're here to help with all your bee, wasp, and hornet problems at no additional cost! 

Controlling Stinging Insects in Spanish Fork, UT and the Surrounding Area

Our added bonus for customers receiving our routine preventive maintenance means that you have someone to count on for any kind of stinging insect issue. It's best not to try to handle stinging insects on your own, especially if you have an allergy. Certain types of stinging insects can sting more than once. 

Your LOCAL Bug Guy is trained when it comes to removing the nest and treating the area so it prevents those stinging pests from returning. 

What If I Get Stung By A Stinging Insect?

Depending on which stinging insect you had an unfortunate encounter with there are a few different ways to treat the sting. But some basic follow up treatment includes: 

  • Washing the area with soap and water 

  • Applying a cold pack to reduce swelling 

  • Keeping the wound clean 

  • Using hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion to reduce itching 

  • Taking ibuprofen to manage pain 

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It’s risky business dealing with these stinging pests, so if you’re already a customer don’t hesitate to contact your LOCAL Bug Guy.

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