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Boxelder bugs in Spanish Fork


Bugging out over boxelder bugs? Don't worry! When you sign up for the pest control maintenance plan from your LOCAL Bug Guy, that means we can also treat for these pests too. 

Eliminating Boxelder Bugs in Spanish Fork, UT and the Surrounding Area

These pests are named after their love for boxelder trees, which can be found throughout Utah. So if you have these trees around your home, most likely boxelder bugs are close by.


Your LOCAL Bug Guy can treat the area around your home to relieve you of these black and reddish orange pests. They are pretty harmless, but can become an issue if they find a way to invade your home.   

Controlling Boxelder Bugs

Along with routine maintenance from your LOCAL Bug Guy, there are some easy prevention tips you can follow to keep boxelder bugs out of your home. 

  • Seal up any openings around doors, windows, and screens with a silicone or silicone-latex caulk.

  • Seal up areas around baseboards, electrical outlets, switch boxes, heating ducts, return air vents, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.

  • Install door sweeps to any exterior entrances of your home.

  • If boxelder bugs have already invaded your home, use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up, empty into a bag, seal, and throw away. If you kill the bugs inside any wall void and can't clean them up, they could attract other unwanted insects. 

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