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General pest control in Spanish Fork


Routine pest prevention from your LOCAL Bug Guy means we tackle any pesky pests around your home. Utah is home to several types of bugs, including earwigs, pill bugs, and many others. So we are happy to talk about any of your pest control needs. 

Exterminating Earwigs, Pill Bugs, and Other Bugs in Spanish Fork, UT Area

At no additional cost to our current pest prevention plan customers, we treat for other pesky pests in the area. These bugs aren't particularly harmful, but can be really annoying if they get out of control. 

Your LOCAL Bug Guy can help keep all kinds of bugs in check so you can go about your day worry-free. If you're a regular customer, here are some examples of other bugs your LOCAL Bug Guy can treat. 

Earwig Pest Control

Earwigs look like they're dangerous because they have pincers coming from their stomachs and can fly in short bursts. But don't worry, earwigs are not poisonous and don't carry diseases. 

You will most likely find earwigs, also known as "pincher bugs", around your porch or patio lights. They also love areas that are cool and wet. And like many other pests, they start to move inside homes because they're searching for food.

Some easy prevention tips include using a dehumidifier and keeping cement floors clean.

Pill Bug Pest Control

If you ever disturbed a "rollie pollie", also known as a pill bug, you know they roll up into a tight ball and stay there. Again, these bugs are harmless and can actually be helpful for your garden because they eat up grass clippings, dead plants and dead insects. You can think of them as nature's garbage disposal. 

However, problems can occur when they start to overpopulate your garden or start wondering into your home. 

Like many other pest prevention tips, it's important to keep places inside your home and garage dry to avoid attracting these pests inside. You can sweep them out with a broom, but if you notice they seem to keep coming back and in larger numbers, be sure to call your LOCAL Bug Guy. 

Pest Control Payson

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Other bugs your LOCAL Bug Guy is trained to handle include: Silverfish, Carpet beetles, springtails, Maggots, Flies, and Gnats. If you’re having a bug problem, don’t hesitate to contact LOCAL Bug Guy for a free quote.

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