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Salem Pest Control


Salem residents are raving about the pest control service provided by the LOCAL Bug Guy! That’s because instead of dealing with a big company, never knowing exactly who will show up to your home, or wondering what kind of service they will provide, LOCAL Bug Guy takes all the worry out of pest control service in Salem

Salem Pest Control Is Just A Phone Call Away

What makes us the LOCAL Bug Guy is that we hire local and focus on building relationships with our customers. That means not only do we know the area and which pests are the most common in Salem, but you can rest easy knowing you will have the same professional and friendly tech around your home and family. 


There are many different pests that seem to find their way into our homes and we are specifically trained in the pests most common in Salem. Those pests include: 


  • Wasps

  • Spiders

  • Boxelder bugs

  • Elm Seed bugs 

  • Ants

  • And much more! 


In addition to handling these common pests, we can also help our regular customers with stinging insects, like wasps, and the occasional rodent issue. 

Salem Pest Control Service 

We are accepting new customers in the Salem area! If you live in a single-family home, we hope you give us a call to ask about annual service plans: 


  • Year-Round Service: Your dedicated LOCAL Bug Guy stops by throughout the year to build and maintain a pest control barrier around your home. Prevention is key! So a consistent pest control service combined with your family's day-to-day bug prevention tips means resting comfortably inside your home. 


Need your LOCAL Bug Guy in between service dates? No problem! When you become a customer, you can contact your LOCAL Bug Guy anytime. We're serious! You will have an assigned tech and their direct phone number and email. Now that's local! 

Friendly and Safe Salem Pest Control 

Not only do we hire local, but our pest prevention service is also safe. All our sprays are registered and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


If you’re ready for a trusting relationship that will last a lifetime, call the LOCAL Bug Guy for a free quote today!

Pest Control Payson

Contact us today for a

FREE Pest Control quote!

If you’re tired of waiting for one of the big companies to help you, it sounds like you’re ready for your own Local Bug Guy! Contact us today for a free quote. Even if you’re not sure if we service your area, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to see if we can serve you.

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