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Contact local bug guy for pest control in Spanish Fork


Contact Your LOCAL Bug Guy in Spanish Fork, Mapleton, Springville, Salem, Elk Ridge, Woodland Hills, Payson, and Santaquin, UT

When you sign up for our easy pest control maintenance plan, you'll receive the name, direct phone number, and email of a dedicated, expert technician. That's because our technicians are trained and specialized by specific zip codes, meaning you know exactly who to call when you have a question. 

Learn more about our LOCAL Bug Guy. 

Best pest control in Spanish Fork

Quick and Local Pest Control Is Just A Phone Call Away

Brent Longhurst


"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of." ~ Geri Weitzman

Hi everyone, my name is Brent Longhurst. 

I am a regular person with a wife and five young children. In 2011, we started LOCAL Bug Guy in an attempt to provide a level of service that you cannot find anywhere else. We want to provide service that people cannot help but brag about and we also want to provide the types of “jobs” that allow technicians the freedom to be their own boss and to be able to support a family in Southern California. 

The only way we can provide the type of service customers cannot help but brag about is by having their “Bug Guy” be someone who could run his own business, but instead chooses to be a LOCAL Bug Guy. This means the tech is someone who is independent, dedicated, and cares about building meaningful relationships with customers. 

We look forward to serving you! 

Email me:

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Best pest control in Spanish Fork
Best pest control in Spanish Fork
Top rated pest control in Spanish Fork
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