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Spider control in Spanish Fork


Spider control and extermination in Spanish Fork, Mapleton, Springville, Salem, Elk Ridge, Woodland Hills, Payson, and Santaquin is our specialty. Don't get caught up in a web of issues, call your LOCAL Bug Guy to handle your spider worries. 

Spider Control in Spanish Fork, UT and the Surrounding Area

Spider control and extermination from your LOCAL Bug Guy means peace of mind. Spiders can easily grow from nuisance to a major problem without the right prevention plan in place. Your LOCAL Bug Guy is more effective than any other pest control company because we are specially trained to treat the spiders specific to your area, right down to the zip code.


We stay busy exterminating and controlling spiders as part of our routine prevention plan. Here are some of the different kinds of spiders we are trained to tackle. 

Spider Control: Black Widow Spiders

Black widows love to cozy up in places where we may not easily see them, like under tables and chairs. If you look around your home and find a strong, sticky web, chances are a black widow is nearby, squeezed down in a crack waiting for prey. 

It's common knowledge how danagerous black widow spiders can be. A bite from a black widow can cause some painful implications for adults, from muscle aches to trouble breathing. But for pets and children, a bite from a black widow can be fatal. 

These spiders are known for their red dot on their black body. Females are the ones that deliever the painful bite, as it's usually a reaction from them trying to protect their eggs. If you're not sure if you have a black widow problem or not, it's best just to step away and call your LOCAL Bug Guy. 

We are specially trained to treat these dangerous pests, so don't put yourself in harm's way. 

Spider Control: Brown Widow Spiders

Just like black widow spiders, brown widow spiders are known to find places out of sight to call home. It could be empty containers, buckets, or patio furniture. And while a bite from a brown widow spider isn't as dangerous as a black widow, it is still painful and considered poisonous.

Treat brown widow spiders like you would black widow spiders: call your LOCAL Bug Guy right away! Though they are not as dangerous, don't risk a painful bite when your LOCAL Bug Guy is just a phone call away.

Spider Control: Wolf Spiders and Jumping Spiders

There are also other species of spiders common to Utah that your LOCAL Bug Guy is trained to handle. 

According to Utah State University, wolf spiders are named after their impressive hunting method instead of using webs like other spiders. They stalk, ambush, attack, and capture their prey. Wolf spiders tend to be more common in Utah during the fall season. 


One of the most common spiders in Utah is the jumping spider. Named in honor of their jumping ability, they have a hairy body and large front eyes, giving them excellent eye sight. These pests tend to be found near windows. 

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