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Pest control from Spanish Fork to Elk Ridge Utah


We want to keep bugs out of your home, so if it's routine pest control or taking care of those "one time pests", you can count on your LOCAL Bug Guy. 

Pest Control Convenience in Spanish Fork, UT and Surrounding Area

Pest control you can count on from a technician you can trust. Unlike other pest control companies, we assign a LOCAL Bug Guy to your specific zip code. This means not only will you personally know your technician, but they are also trained to handle pests specific to your area. 

Your LOCAL Bug Guy specializes in the removal and prevention of:

  • Ants: Such as harvester ants, carpenter ants, and pharaoh’s ants.

  • Boxelders: Even if you don't have Boxelder trees around, you can still get boxelder bugs! We can take care of these black and reddish-orange bugs before they become a real nuisance. 

  • Elm Seed BugsNamed after their favorite meal, they also love to munch on linden and oak trees which are common in Utah. Not only can they be annoying, but they also have a pungent odor...yikes! 

  • Spiders: In particular, we specialize in black widow spiders and brown widows. We are also trained in all different kinds of spiders, including wolf spiders, jumping spiders, and house spiders. 

  • Wasps & Stinging Insects: Hornets, Yellow Jackets, and Wasps are all found in Utah. Although they eat other insects and can be considered beneficial they can also be harmful due to their sharp sting.

  • Plus more!

When you purchase a routine pest control service, you normally don't need to be home. For the initial service, we ask that you be home to complete some quick paperwork and to meet your LOCAL Bug Guy. If we keep up routine pest control maintenance around the outside of your home, that drastically reduces the chance of us having to spray inside your home, eliminating the need for you to be there during service times.


And if you happen to have the random rat or mouse trying to make cozy in your home, call your LOCAL Bug Guy! We can help make your home comfortable again. And if the issue is a little more than what we're trained to handle, we have a great network of other techs in the area. We won't leave you alone shooing away Mr. Squeakers. 

If you're ready to have your very own LOCAL Bug Guy on speed-dial, contact us today for a free pest control quote! 

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