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Elm seed bugs in Spanish Fork


You may smell elm seed bugs before you actually see them. These pests peak during the hottest days of summer and are known for their pungent odor. Once they enter your home it can be one foul-smelling nightmare! That's why it pays to have your own LOCAL Bug Guy. 

Eliminating Elm Seed Bugs in Spanish Fork, UT and the Surrounding Area

Hiring your LOCAL Bug Guy for routine pest control maintenance really pays off. Not only do we help prevent ants and spiders, we also help control and exterminate all kinds of pests, Elm Seed bugs included. These dark, rusty-red and black looking pests love eating elm seeds and leaves.


If Elm Seed bugs find a way to enter your home, they can enter in large numbers. They are harmless to people, but they have been known to land on people and leave behind fecal spots. 

Preventing Elm Seed Bugs

We can all agree it's best to do everything we can to keep these stinky pests out of our homes. Some simple tips recommended by Live Well Utah include the following: 

  • These bugs mostly enter through any space around windows and doors, so make sure all your windows and doors are sealed. 

  • Make sure your screens fit snug in your windows.

  • Seal up foundation cracks and gaps around plumbing, gas or electrical conduits. 

  • If you find these bugs in your home, use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up. Empty the vacuum contents into a bag, tightly seal, and throw away. 

  • Using a vacuum may cause the bugs to emit their foul odor, so another method is to use a wet-dry vac filled with an inch of water and dish soap. That will drown the bugs once you suck them up.

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