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How to prevent ants invasion in your property?

Do you want ants inside your home? If you said yes, then you’re probably on the wrong website! But if you said no, you probably understand how difficult it is to keep the pesky critters from going inside your house.

So what is the best way to solve an ant invasion? It’s simple. Prevent it before the problem actually starts! You need the best pre-emptive measures to keep ants from entering your property. If even just one ant enters your property, it can leave a trail of pheromones. This trail will act as a huge “FOOD AND SHELTER HERE” sign for other ants – and that is something we definitely want to avoid!

Before you call in the ant’s pest control exterminator experts to deal with this problem (like us at The Local Bug Guy, ahem), you can take a few steps to keep these tiny pests out of your home. And here they are!

  1. Keep your home clean to prevent any pests in general. The rule of “cleanliness is next to godliness” is something to always remember, especially with ants who love to eat anything yummy, sweet and sticky even if it’s on the floor. So clean up your messes and spills!

  2. Sweep away any crumbs and bits that fall on the floor.

  3. Clean the feeding areas and food bowls of your pets.

  4. Store your food items properly in cupboards and pantries. Don’t forget to seal them!

  5. If you’re leaving food out in the open for a party or a meal, make sure you cover them if you guys aren’t eating yet.

So what about the tiny cracks and gaps that can give ants access to your home? What can we do about that? You can seal those with something like Pestblock so ants cannot gain entry to your home. If they have no point of entry, they can’t invade your house right?

Here are the most common places that ants usually enter through (so keep them in mind as you ant-proof your home):

  1. Air ducts

  2. Door frames

  3. Window screens

  4. Spaces around ground pipes

  5. Window-type air conditioning units

  6. Window frames

With these tips and tricks, you can keep ants out of your home. And if all else fails, The Local Bug Guy will help you out!


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