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5 Signs That You Need To Call A Pest Exterminator

Seeing rats and roaches outdoors is no need to worry. It’s quite natural, and they are where they belong. But when you have these in your kitchen and bedroom, are you going to sit around and let them invade your home?

Bed bugs, stinging insects, wood boring insects, and other pests are always unwanted guests – unless you enjoy getting attacked by hornets, or termites damaging your home. They’re called pests for a reason, aren’t they?

We try our best to keep them out of our homes by storing our food well or keeping our living area clean. Sometimes, even our best efforts fail, and you need to call in the experts. Pest control exterminators have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to preventing pests from entering and taking over our homes.

But when is the right time to call a pest exterminator? Are a few bed bug bites enough of a reason, or is it overreacting? Here are five signs that indicate you need the help of a pest expert!

1. Pests make daytime appearances as if they own the place.

These pesky bugs and rodents have gotten way too courageous. Are rats chilling on your tabletop snacking on your breakfast? Do you see cockroaches confidently scuttling across your bedroom as if you weren’t even there? If animals that used to hide in the corners or shadows are showing up in the open during the day, the infestation could already be very severe.

2. There’s physical evidence of their presence.

You see chew marks on wood or wiring. Your wooden structures have been bored into. Plus, you have discovered droppings and urine in your home that does not belong to your pets. These bugs have even started attacking you, with signs like stings on your arms or blood stains on your sheets.

3. You hear weird noises.

There are strange noises in your walls and your ceiling. From rustling to scratching, you can hear it in the middle of the night. Could it be rats? Could it be carpenter ants? Who knows!

4. You are worried about your family’s safety.

The whole situation gets worse when you have pets or kids. Because they’re more vulnerable than you, rodents and parasites are more likely to attack them. Solving things with chemical pesticides can be worrisome if you aren’t an expert, as you can potentially harm your family as well. Any action you take might put them at risk.

5. Nothing you do is working (and you’ve done all you can!).

You’ve left out mouse traps and flypaper everywhere. You’ve sealed all the possible holes in windows and walls. You’ve stored human and pet food in airtight containers. You’ve done all you possibly can, but the pests are still there, and the ones you haven’t caught are probably multiplying!

As trained professionals, pest control exterminators know the most effective methods for your unique situations. They can handle both small and big infestations using techniques that will not harm the environment or your loved ones. With their help, you can eliminate all traces of pests from your home.


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